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PurMist includes proprietary blend of botanical oils

The PurMist product line offers a proprietary blend of botanical oils which are cold or hot pressed. The use of a new blending technology brings all the botanicals together into a new DNA, which creates the strongest antimicrobial protection available in the global market presently

PurMist’s unique moisturizing benefits set it apart from other sanitizers which can make your skin dry and susceptible to infection

In fact, the more you use PurMist, the better your skin condition, leaving skin soft and healthier after you apply the PurMist formulation. PurMist’s botanical oils work with your skin’s own natural oils to protect against germs and continues to moisturize with each use. You never have to worry about sticky residue, greasy film, dry-cracked skin, or skin cell damage when you use PurMist.

Unlike some other sanitizers, PurMist provides no risk of intoxication.

PurMist is alcohol-free and poses no risks to children, even if they lick their hands after it has been applied correctly and fully dried. To further enhance the safety of our product, PurMist is non-toxic with none of the 400 different chemicals many products offer under the fragrance heading. Yes, there can be 400 unidentified chemicals listed under the Fragrance heading, which are not shared with consumers.

Independent 3PL accredited FDA-GLP laboratory results for PurMist formulation

Please review data link on cover page to observe all results from test methods and final results.

PurMist has its own accredited FDA-GLP test criteria for topical antiseptic products no other sanitizers in the market space to date can make these claims

PurMist has its own recognized testing criteria under the FDA-GLP program, which is required to provide the efficacy of a topical antiseptic product – ie, sanitizer, wound care, hand sanitizers and soaps. PurMist could not be stopped at the time intervals outlined and to be followed. The first test lasted an unexpected 9¼ hours. The test was repeated thinking an error had been made. The second test lasted 10 ¾ hours. Both tests followed the standard testing protocol for topical antiseptics (hand sanitizers). The recognized and accredited Lab asked the FDA to lower the agar amount from 20% to 5% to be able to follow the approved testing protocol to receive accurate results.

PurMist follows all regulatory guidelines from the FDA under the Good Lab Practices recognized in North America, ensuring that our products conform to Government Regulatory Policies and Safety Standards.

These bodies include:

  • The United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
  • The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)
  • The United States ‘Good Laboratory Practice Standards’ (GLPS) The United States Food & Drug Administration’s ‘Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations’ (GMP-cGMP) under the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act
  • The American Disability Act

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