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Individual Full Body KIDS Towlette

PurMist Sting Free Towelettes for KIDS will be available Q2 2018. This new innovation brings parents an alcohol-free option to wipe any part of the child's body to clean soiled areas and leave natural botanical oils on the skin to continually protect from bacteria and germs which could be present. The wipes presently on the market are used for hands and arms before drying out, ripping apart or soiled to the point the wipe must be thrown away and a second is required to finish the cleaning process. PurMist Full Body KIDS towelette is durable, eco-friendly, biodegradable and extremely durable for hard-to-clean conditions on the skin. Once the skin has been cleaned, the child is now protected continually for 6 hours. If the skin becomes dirty or soiled, either soap and water is required to wash the skin or use another Full Body KIDS Towelette.

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  • As a Health Care Practitioner and new Mom, I am constantly coming into contact with potential harmful bacteria and illnesses. Washing my hands numerous times a day has left them dry, cracked and sore, especially in the winter months. I love using Purmist to help kill bacteria for 6 hours, and it keeps my hands moisturized, soft and fresh without any strong alcohol or fragrance smells. I use Purmist when I travel, at home with my family and especially at work between seeing clients. Finally a safe to use product which actually works as it claims.
    Carolyn RMT

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