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    “Constantly wetting and drying your hands is as bad as using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which also dries out your skin”
    says Dr. Julia Carrol, a dermatologist.


    The norm – keep your hand sanitizer and moisturizer together. This system is not required using the PurMist line of products. You sanitize and moisturize naturally with the application process.

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ALERT - Be advised any alcohol sanitizers on the market presently DO NOT have any lasting kill effects for any length of time after applied. Every time a person applying the alcohol sanitizer touches another person OR object they MUST reapply immediately before contamination potentially occurs. This will result in 100s of applications per day to be truly effective. The skin can not stay healthy with this many applications per day with washing hands in accordance with the CDC.

Quick Facts


Hands typically spread 86% of the harmful/deadly bacteria and germs contracted each day.


Washing your hands more than ten (10) times per day removes the skin's good oils/bacteria.


A Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report Prepared by the Influenza Division

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What Our Customers Say

As a Health Care Practitioner and new Mom, I am constantly coming into contact with potential harmful bacteria and illnesses. Washing my hands numerous times a day has left them dry, cracked and sore, especially in the winter months. I love using Purmist to help kill bacteria for 6 hours, and it keeps my hands moisturized, soft and fresh without any strong alcohol or fragrance smells. I use Purmist when I travel, at home with my family and especially at work between seeing clients. Finally a safe to use product which actually works as it claims.

Carolyn RMT

As a Registered Nurse of 33 years, mother of 3 and grandmother, my hands were always dry, cracked and sore - first line of defense broken! I found PurMist to be the solution to keeping myself and my kids safe and protected from illness. My hands were in the best shape thanks to the blend of natural botanical oils. I found that my hands hurt from the irritants found in those other products that were to protect my kids and I. Pain relief, protection and the sense of security with PurMist, I do not use anything else.

Donna RN BScN