There are NO products like PurMist. Created by a First Responder and horticulturalist,

PurMist was originally developed for firefighters to prevent infection and provide proper
moisturization for healthy skin conditions that can be caused by frequent hand washing and
handling equipment in many different weather conditions.

Although PurMist’s properties were known to be effective as a sanitizing agent, in June 2015 an accredited American laboratory determined it had the exceptional capacity to kill many different harmful disease-causing germs and bacteria noted in the DATA section of this site.

BioSilvics mission is to help sustain health and safety in an ethical and eco-friendly way through the development of natural and effective products like PurMist.

The company is also a proud supporter of front-line community workers. “We value our nurses, firefighters, police, medical, CDC, doctors, EMS, security and military personnel, who are at the forefront of protecting our communities, keeping us healthy and safe, and to preserve our way of life,” mentions Robert Reeve, President of BioSilvics and inventor of PurMist.