Here are some of the dangers posed by using alcohol hand sanitizers daily:

Hand sanitizers can irritate your skin – The alcohol content and other harsh bacteria-killing ingredients can cause skin sensitivity. You may get some itching or a burning sensation on your hands. Alcohol hand sanitizers can also dry out your upper skin layers, causing it to peel. It’s recommended that you limit usage to your hands and not use on any other parts of your body.

Your hands become more sensitive to UV light – This means that you may become more susceptible to getting sunburn on your hands. This side effect is due to the fact that the alcohol in the hand sanitizer dries up your skin, causing it to have thinner layers, allowing the sun’s harmful rays to penetrate deeper onto your hands.

Decreased Effectiveness can lead to more bacteria and germs being spread – The more you use alcohol hand sanitizers, the more susceptible your body can be do certain infections. There’s a correlation of your body’s decreased ability to fight outside infections and the stronger resistance of antibodies, and using too much alcohol hand sanitizers way too often can be the cause.

There is no continual protection after application of alcohol hand sanitizers – Once the alcohol hand sanitizer has been applied to the hands, rubbed until dry the sanitizer has done its job. It has kill all germ and bacteria on the skin, as well as good bacteria leaving the skin susceptible to more contamination. When the person using the alcohol hand sanitizer touches an object or another person they can become infected. In order to be effective you must apply every time a person comes in contact with objects, people or surfaces. This would require 100s of applications a day

Side effects of alcohol based hand sanitizers – Skin irritation and problems like Eczema, high risk of toxicity, leads to antibiotic resistance, weakens immune system, highly flammable and not safe for children to use due to the high concentration of alcohol

Are there Safe Hand Sanitizers?

Yes, there are. You just have to look for an alcohol-free hand sanitizer not containing poly glycol and fragrance meaning 400 undisclosed chemicals not provided for consumer review or knowledge. Getting a hand sanitizer that is alcohol-free can actually help you prevent the negative side effects noted above from alcohol. A famous product known for being natural, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, fragrance free, ploy glycol free and harmless because it has zero alcohol is PurMist 6-Hour full body topical antiseptic. Naturally moisturizing through botanical oils being used in the formulation, application for hands, arms, face, neck and full body use. Alcohol products are not to be used anywhere else other than the hands


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