Q - Can you eat with your hands after applying PurMist
A - yes. PurMist is non toxic and will not be ingested after application then eating with hands.

Q - Will my child become intoxicated if PurMist is wet on the hands and the child licks their hands
A - No. PurMist is alcohol free and intoxication will never occur. PurMist is natural and contains water.

Q - could the skin become dry at anytime when using PurMist through out the day
A - PurMist naturally moisturizes the skin with the natural botanical oils. The oils are very similar to the oils in human skin which promotes healthy skin with lasting protection. Dermatology tested and proven.

Q - Can PurMist cause antibiotic resistance
A - No. 

Q - Would PurMist create or provide the means to create superbugs
A - No. Superbugs as noted by the CDC can occur when too much antibiotics have been consumed in the population. Please visit for more information on this topic.

Q - My skin becomes very irritated when using alcohol or alcohol free hand sanitizers creating dry damaged skin. Can PurMist harm the skins flora creating these issues
A - Microflora of the skin will not be damage while using PurMist. PurMist will maintain the normal flora of the skin and provide natural healthy moisturizing to eliminate this damage, which can occur when using other hand sanitizers as we have all experienced at one time.

Q - Are all hand sanitizers the same?
A - Absolutely not. PurMist stands alone in this category providing a natural and healthy choice to prevent cross contamination from human to human contact through touch. No other sanitizers presently in the market to date can make this claim.