The germ and bacteria formulation named PurMist has no known direct competitors.  The tuct has been tested to combat many different strains of harmful, disease-causing germs and bacteria.  BioSilvics Inc. is one of the very few corporations that use an independent, internationally recognized and respected US laboratory testing facility governed under the FDA and GLP (Good Lab Practices) guidelines.

Did you know that hands typically spread 86% of the harmful/deadly bacteria and germs contracted each day? Hand washing is simply not enough protection. And, washing hands more then 10 times per day can actually promote infection. Outbreaks can move rapidly due to human-to-human contact and travel around the globe quickly due to rapid air travel. 14% of all bacteria and viruses are spread by airborne contaminates. The remaining 86% is spread from human-to-human physical contact - also known as cross contamination.

PurMist 6-hour protection and non-toxic formulation outperforms any topical antiseptics (hand sanitizers) in the market presently. PurMist is compact and comes in a durable bottle, which allows for quick application in emergency situations. And, PurMist uses a natural skin moisturizing formulation, which adds to healthy skin.

PurMist is a full-spectrum 4 products-in-1— Natural Moisturizer, Continual Protection, Full Hand/Arm Cover as well as Full Body application for long-term care, military and medical use, scheduled to be released in Q3 2018.