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The value of PurMist to prevent human to human cross contamination through touch has been enhanced with new, superior technology. Now PurMist adds a new delivery system which can apply the spray to the hands as well as the arms. The spray is able to disperse 360 degrees for full coverage. Apply from the elbows under the forearms down to the hands. Once both hands and arms have full coverage, with hands wipe both arms and hands thoroughly until fully dried. Protects from spread of bacteria and germs when arms are laying on tables, air plane seat/arm rests and other objects. When coughing or sneezing, place your face into the arms to cover a sneeze or cough so not to infect others. The user of PurMist will also be protected from harmful bacteria and germs which may be on the forearms and hands.

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT spray in or near the eyes, mouth, other people, inhale or drink. PurMist is NOT a product to use to eliminate odor-causing bacteria from shoes, socks or any clothing. Discard and recycle the cap from the 0.24 oz Personal and KIDS Mister. This could become a choking hazard if left unattended. All PurMist products are to be used by children from the ages of 5 and up. Children under the age of 7 should have parental or adult supervision for application.

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PurMist® products provide protection throughout the day to help prevent
the spread of illness causing germs.

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  • As a Health Care Practitioner and new Mom, I am constantly coming into contact with potential harmful bacteria and illnesses. Washing my hands numerous times a day has left them dry, cracked and sore, especially in the winter months. I love using Purmist to help kill bacteria for 6 hours, and it keeps my hands moisturized, soft and fresh without any strong alcohol or fragrance smells. I use Purmist when I travel, at home with my family and especially at work between seeing clients. Finally a safe to use product which actually works as it claims.
    Carolyn RMT

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