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PURMIST® Hand Sanitizer Kids

Parents are now able to protect their children from harmful bacteria and germs while on the go. Applied before playing with other children at daycare, the playground, sporting events and countless other venues, PurMist can kill these threats instantly and continually protect for 6 hours after proper application.  For application information reference visit Personal Mister.

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT spray in or near the eyes, mouth, other people, inhale or drink. PurMist is NOT a product to use to eliminate odor-causing bacteria from shoes, socks or any clothing. Discard and recycle the cap from the 0.24 oz Personal and KIDS Mister. This could become a choking hazard if left unattended. All PurMist products are to be used by children from the ages of 5 and up.  Children under the age of 7 should have parental or adult supervision for application. 

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PurMist® products provide protection throughout the day to help prevent
the spread of illness causing germs.

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